Who We Are

Ta’afi ” means recovery in Arabic” is a Syrian survivors’ led, survivors’ centered initiative that aims to support and protect victims of detention, torture, and enforced disappearance upon their release and settlement at a secure location, so that they may continue to peacefully support human rights change in Syria and pursue justice and accountability.

Ta’afi’s team adopts the philosophy that those who are most affected by detention, torture, and enforced disappearance should be at the forefront of making the changes. Therefore, Ta’afi is focused on prisoners of conscience and detainees and is led by their experiences, voices, and ambitions for a human rights-respecting Syria.

Our mission

Ta’afi’s mission is to support survivors of detention and enable them to resume their fight toward justice, accountability, and victims’ rights through engaging them in Ta’afi advocacy efforts in putting an end to arbitrary detention and torture and ensuring freedom of expression and human rights.

Our vision

A Syria premised on freedom of opinion and expression, where no one is arrested as a result of their peaceful human rights work, besides not to be tortured or forcibly disappeared under any circumstances.

Our values

Ta’afi’s work is underpinned by a set of core values:
○ Survivors-Centered: We ensure that survivors’ interests and perspectives
are always prioritized, and we strive to involved survivors wherever
possible to inform Ta’afi programming. We are committed that Ta’afi is
primarily composed of former detainees and survivors.
○ Independent and Impartial: We are independent of any political,
religious, racial, or ethnic affiliations; and Impartial in taking no sides in
the Syrian conflict.
○ Premised on Human Rights: We ensure that our work is guided by human
rights, humanitarian law, and other relevant international standards; as
well as principles of non-discrimination against religion, race, color, or
○ Do No Harm: We are committed to ensuring that no harm is caused to any
political prisoner or survivor by participating in any Ta’afi activity.